Investment in tourism attractions, experiences and supporting services Whether we are a permanent resident, a seasonal resident, or a temporary local (i.e. a tourist), those who live and visit Columbia Valley are united by one thing: we love the Columbia Valley in our soul. We make this Valley our home…part-time, or full-time.

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Here's a fresh and dynamic sector that can capitalize on a lifestyle living competitive advantage in the valley while also transitioning beyond resource extraction traditions.

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Agrifood Investment in Niche Crops/Craft Manufacturing, Greenhousing, Fabrics, Aquaculture, Beverage Agrifood refers to the production of food agriculturally (as opposed to hunting, trapping or gathering from nature). Agrifood includes the associated value chain – beginning with equipment and inputs for production and flowing through to transportation and the transformation of raw agricultural

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Creative Industries

Creators of the world - Find Inspiration in Majestic and Adrenalizing Columbia Valley! Creative industries (also referred to as the creative, or in Europe cultural industries), generate or exploit of knowledge and information. The creative sector is an important and growing part of the BC economy, with 80,000+ working in the sector.

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