Grow a Building Systems Export Industry, Attract and Retain Contractors and Master Home Builders

Construction is the 2nd largest industry sector and employer in the Columbia Valley (2018, latest data available), with a workforce of 575. Industrial, electrical and construction trades are the 3rd largest occupational group in the Valley, with a workforce of 265.

Residential construction is the 3rd largest export industry in the Columbia Valley, with $31,000,000 in annual exports. “Export” is a leading indicator of economic drivers in a community/region, because it’s the value of what non-residents buy from Columbia Valley residents.

Columbia Valley Opportunity:

Recreational property ownership comprises 50% of all dwelling units in Columbia Valley, creating consistent construction demand.

A pandemic work world suddenly unshackled from need to live where you work, and having people revisit life purpose, happiness, and work-life balance, greatly accelerated real estate sales in Columbia Valley in 2020 (e.g. Invermere up 66%). A post-pandemic world will continue to re-shape the way we work and live, and where we do it…sustaining construction demand in Columbia Valley given 3 hour access to the 4th largest metropolitan region (Calgary) in Canada.

BC has a chronic affordability challenges.

  • The Village of Canal Flats has created one of the most innovative/flexible housing policy frameworks in Canada, and we are working to leverage this to expand choice and nurture deeper affordability across the Valley. This will create new and expanded Valley market demand for both owned and rental properties – especially converged with more footloose work patterns.
  • We are actively seeking business investment in building systems and components manufacturing that offers a number of advantages: choice – which influences pricing, greener footprint with less waste of materials, quicker builds, more cost-effective than traditional builds, can be exported anywhere.

Master Builders are aging. Building contractors and trades are always in demand…even in short supply in Columbia Valley. Explore the idea of relocating your construction business to Columbia Valley!

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