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Columbia Valley Community Economic Development

Our Community Economic Development Officer can help you make the connections you need to grow your business or make an investment in Columbia Valley.

  • Business start-up, growth, and relocation advisory to all businesses on an as-need basis.
  • Connections to resources, people, companies and organizations you might need to establish/grow your business
  • Solution creator for business community issues.
  • Working to generate breakthroughs in key strategic community and economic development matters, including: advanced broadband, housing affordability, transportation, workforce development, and physician recruitment.

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Columbia Valley Community Economic Development Office

I Am Columbia Valley

I am a cathedral by nature. Bringer of peace to the people. Wildlife bred in the bear and the cougar and the bighorn. Water born in the Windermere and the Columbia and the Kootenay.

The crisp blues and greys of nature’s paintbrush. And marshmallow skies that roll animated shadows by the peaks. Clean. Pristine. Free.

I am the crush in the stone under foot on new paths through the trees. Through the forest evergreen of the wonderland. Ways back from the infinite out back. Sun-kissed and reveled in the rejuvenation. Of a skitter stone across still glass. The 19th hole. Swoosh in the powder. Power in wilderness of the quad.

Proudness in plaid at fire light, dad bods, ruggedized moms, and blue-collar grit. Escape artists and peaceful adventurers. Dream makers and creators. And realness forged from fist of will and the grist mill of hard work spirit. In an other-world too super-sized and superficial. Here building humanity’s bridges.

Closer. Connected. Warm. Safer. All time the right time. Peaced out. Simpler pleasures. Untethered imaginations. Beautiful world. Nature…nurtures.

I am shared by a world inspired by me. I am dreams of what can be. Let your love run free. I am Columbia Valley.