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Creative industries (also referred to as the creative, or in Europe cultural industries), generate or exploit of knowledge and information. The creative sector is an important and growing part of the BC economy, with 80,000+ working in the sector.  More than 80,000 people work in BC’s creative sector.

There’s no universal nor singular definition of creative industries. In BC, creative industry sectors are identified as: motion picture, interactive & digital media, publishing (books, magazines), and music.

On a broader basis, not measured statistically in this report, Richard Florida’s well researched and regarded idea of the “creative class” is positioned as a key facet of community competitiveness and strength in the next economic age of development. The creative class in this context is defined as core art and culture industries we readily identify as being creative, but expands to encompass a broad range of people from different industries and sectors:

  • People whose economic function is to create new ideas, new technology, and new content.
  • People in science, engineering, architecture and design, education, arts, music and the entertainment industry.
  • Creative professionals – those in business and finance, law, health care and related industries who are engaged in complex problem solving that requires a high degree of independent judgement and education.

Lifestyle leads as a locational choice for people pursuing their creative industries passions. Important (researched) location factors for this activity are: airport access, population diversity, strong/unique lifestyle amenities, entertainment experiences, authentic/interesting sense of place (think “community beautiful”), and an open and tolerant society (open to newcomers).

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Two thousand nineteen marks the 105th Birthday of Pynelogs Cultural Centre and Columbia Valley Arts Council’s 42nd year of fostering the growth, awareness and appreciation of the ARTS in the Columbia Valley.

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From outdoor music concerts and coffee, beer and wine festivals to farmer’s markets and outdoor hockey, the Columbia Valley has events to help you unwind throughout the year.

Events may be postponed or cancelled due to concerns regarding COVID-19. We will continue to do our best to keep this calendar current: to confirm that an event will take place as planned, please contact the event organizer.

Here you will find information on: annual arts and culture funding programs, contacts for local arts councils in the Columbia Basin, lists of projects funded through the CKCA, links to arts and cultural funders and resources, and an on-line art gallery showcasing the work of Basin artists.

Explore heritage buildings, view outside exhibits and enjoy grassy shaded grounds with beautiful views of Windermere Lake, the Columbia River and mountains beyond.