CertainTeed Secures Another 50 Years in The Valley with New Gypsum Mine in Canal Flats

Your drywall could just come from Columbia Valley. The new 135-hectare Kootenay West Mine under construction 10 km northeast of Canal Flats will mine 400,000 tonnes of gypsum annually over a 43 lifespan for the mine. The new mine will replace CertainTeed’s Windermere Operations near Invermere. Approximately 80 full-time and contractor jobs have been

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Round About Radium

Anyone who has driven in Columbia Valley in the summer knows the time delay that used to happen at the junction of Highways 93 and 95 in Radium Hot Springs. Today, a 10-minute time saving to/from Alberta or up/down the Valley has been generated by a $12M federal-provincial funded Roundabout completed in June 2020.

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Food For Thought: Agri-Food Emerging in Columbia Valley

The Columbia Valley has been actively growing its agrifood sector. Significant achievements in 2020 include completion of a Columbia Valley Food Hub Model Feasibility Study, and new branding for Columbia Valley Made and Columbia Valley Grown products that producers can use to enhance marketing. There is desire to establish an agri-food innovation hub to

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Fairmont Hot Springs Airport Receives Enhancement Funds

At 6,000-foot long by 100 ft wide, a 737 can land on it. And now, a $240K grant from the Government of BC will ensure that airport operations continue successfully and safely with refurbishment of the runway, apron, and runway markings. Work will be completed in 2021. With operational status in 1986, the Fairmont

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Legacy Trail to Expand

We imagine a day when you can bike, run or walk 65 km on a paved surface between Radium Hot Springs and Canal Flats…forming the longest urban corridor multi-use trail in BC. Today, recreationalists can enjoy 25 km complete between Invermere and Fairmont. And with a March, 2021 announcement of a $976K grant, a

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Ten Residents Complete Digital Marketing Bootcamp in Columbia Valley

A 12-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp developed in partnership with the B.C. government and Alacrity Canada was successfully completed in 2020 in Canal Flats at the Columbia Lake Technology Center. Ten Valley residents completed the program. “The Alacrity Digital Marketing Bootcamp was created to help students hit the ground running in careers as digital marketers

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