Tax Rate Information

Village of Canal Flats

District of Invermere

Village of Radium Hot Springs

Regional District of East Kootenay

The Regional District does not directly collect taxes. The Provincial Government Agents office is responsible for the collection of taxes in the rural areas of BC. Municipalities collect the regional district taxes directly from citizens within their boundaries.

BC Assessment is a Crown Corporation that produces annual property assessments for all property owners in the province. If you have questions about your Property Assessment Notice, please contact BC Assessment

Tax Rates (2020)

Residential Light Industry Business
Canal Flats 6.90379 19.72489 12.39419
Invermere 7.04202 15.55627 13.57250
Radium 6.2993 8.6139 11.1713

Total Residential Property Taxes and Charges on a Representative House (2020)

Rank in BC (lowest to highest of 162 urban municipalities)
Canal Flats $2,767 40
Invermere $4,810 131
Radium $2,682 32
BC Median $3774
Includes municipal, school, regional district, hospital, parcel taxes




BC Hydro: 1.800.224.9376 or

Propane (heat)

Superior (, 1.855.539.5862)
Lo-Cost (, 1.888.446.1047)
Canwest (, 1.855.341.3206)

Water/Sewer/Garbage (Municipal)

Village of Canal Flats

District of Invermere

Regional District of East Kootenay


Rushmere, East Side Lake Windermere, Spur Valley, Holland Creek, Edgewater


Baltac, Edgewater, Holland Creek

Annual Charges
Water Sewer Garbage Recycling Total notes
Canal Flats 309 190 499
Invermere 250 446.28 133 61 890.28 0.92/cubic metre water consumption rate first 150 cubic metres
0.87 commercial water consumption rate
variable commercial sewer rate depending on business type
commercial garbage/recycling must be arranged third party
Radium 432 432 water/sewer combined rate
Fairmont 655 628.2 1283.2


Residents of Canal Flats, Radium and Regional District of East Kootenay Areas F and G take garbage (no charge for household garbage/yard waste) to Regional District of East Kootenay transfer stations 10 km south of Canal Flats, in Fairmont mid-Valley, and in Edgewater 10 km north of Radium.


There are local drop-off bins in each community for cardboard, glass, and plastic. Bottles/cans and end-of-life electronics go to the Bottle Depot in Invermere. Other working-order household items can be recycled at Re-Use-It Centre at the Columbia Valley landfill in Windermere.