Canal Flats is poised for growth and tech companies  looking for a Live.Work culture for their staff should look to the Village of Canal Flats. . With its low cost of living, strong fibre optic network, and outdoor lifestyle, Canal Flats is becoming a desirable destination for tech companies and entrepreneurs. In-home health tech start-ups, in particular, can benefit from the location’s favourable conditions.

“Canal Flats is a genuine lifestyle community, open to new ideas and dedicated to making them work,” says Mayor Mark Doherty. “We understand that people want to work close to where they live and we offer a balanced lifestyle that many desire.”

The outdoor lifestyle, with access to activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, and water sports, is very appealing to tech industry professionals seeking a balanced work-life. This balance drives creativity and enriches entrepreneurial spirit,. Combine this will a low cost of living and ample industrial space. Canal Flats is an attractive option for start-ups and smaller companies with limited resources. Additionally, the lower cost of living can attract talent looking for an affordable place to live and work. e.

“We have recently appointed our Chief Administrative Officer, Richard Wayken, to also serve as our Chief Technical Officer, a crucial step in actively engaging potential businesses and dedicating resources to support their investment in our community,” said Mayor Doherty. “ We are leveraging his tech background allowing him to engage companies on another level”.

If your company is looking for a strong culture  it’s worth considering the benefits of doing business in Canal Flats. For more information on Live.Work and Canal Flats, visit